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Hannah Wants Set To Release Darude Sandstorm

darude-sandstorm HANNAH WANTS

Hannah Wants has today announced details of her forthcoming track entitled ‘Hannah Wants – Darude Sandstorm’ which she claims will be a massive anthem with international appeal.

“It’s one of those tracks that’s an instant classic!” said Hannah in an interview with Wunderground earlier today.

“So much so, that before I even made the fucking track it was already a classic!”

“Now, I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, but can you tell me of any DJ alive or dead that could pull that off? Who has ever had an instant worldwide chart hit years before they’ve even made the fucking track or even stepped inside a studio?”

“I mean this track was huge in 2001! I was only 14 for god sake! I wouldn’t actually go on to sit down and produce the fucking thing for another 17 years! Its musical witchcraft is what it is!”

“I got the inspiration for Sandstorm when I woke up alone one day, on the edge of a windy beach in Serbia. I had fallen asleep while sunbathing and when I awoke the weather had taken a turn for the worse. The wind was howling around my ears and it was sweeping the sand up into the air into mini-tornados and stormy clouds of dust.”

“Then all of a sudden a car drove past with ‘Darude – Sandstorm’ playing loudly with the windows down and I remembered I wanted to copy that track exactly and take the credit for it myself.”

“You just never know when and where inspiration will come knocking, but you just need to be ready to answer the call when it does.”


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