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Kellogs Giving Away Free Tech House Tracks Inside Boxes Of Cornflakes

Kellogs Giving Away Free Tech House Tracks Inside Boxes Of Cornflakes

Kellogs are set to give away free tech house tracks in all boxes of Cornflakes during the month of October.

The world’s largest breakfast cereal producer confirmed the offer earlier today and revealed the tracks will be either “banging, spicy or rollers” ahead of next month’s promotion.

“Here at Kellogs, we’ve noticed that almost everyone in the world wants to be a DJ and we’ve decided to run a month long promotion that will see us giving away free music in our flagship cereal boxes,” a Kellogs spokesperson explained. 

“After a lot of deliberation, we decided to give away tech house tracks,” continued the Kellogs employee. “It seems like playing tech house is the easiest way into the market and the tracks can also be made in about four or five minnutes so we’ve been able to get our hands on a huge amount of them for a very good price.”

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“We normally look to boost our end of year sales by giving away a Halloween related gift in October,” our source revealed. “But seen as most DJs are pretty much just talentless nobodies acting like they have a skill, or essentially just dressed up as someone who has talent, we thought it was pretty much the same thing.”

“We’re predicting that Cornflakes sales will skyrocket in October as all the would-be DJs out there attempt to get their hands on some free music and we’re even going to give one lucky customer a full DJ career if they enter our exclusive competition by collecting out tokens.”

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