Psytrance DJ Considered Sellout After Getting First Paid Gig

A psytrance DJ has been labeled a “sellout” by a group of his peers after performing at his first paid gig last weekend.

Senior members of the psytrance family have slammed Alan Morris, a.k.a. Psymon Sayz, for accepting payment for a gig and claimed there is “no place for sellouts in the family ”.

“What a big bloody sellout,” Dustin Murphy, a Psytrance Family elder told Wunderground this morning. “Being a psytrance DJ isn’t about making money, it’s about sharing an experience with other like-minded people, and getting absolutely off your banger on cheap Polish amphetamine, not bloody champagne and caviar.”

“We’re a family, and families stick together,” claimed Murphy, who moved out of his family home to live in a squat with some psytrance friends in 2011 and hasn’t visited once since. “If that fella wants to go out and get paid for playing music than I guess he’s just gonna have to find himself a new family. I’ve heard regular trance will take just about anybody in, maybe he can go there.”

“He was never really one of us to begin with,” Murphy said dismissively. “He uses a laptop when he’s DJing, what kind of psytrance DJ can afford a laptop. I’m sorry your majesty, you’ll just have to take your fancy laptop and your wages and fuck off.”

According to Mr Murphy, he “couldn’t give a rats what a load of crusties say” about him and he will continue to accept paid gigs despite what certain facets of the psytrance community think.

“Not all psytrance people want to live in cockroach-infested shitholes and drink reclaimed rainwater,” Murphy explained. “Yes, I’m a psytrance DJ, but that doesn’t mean I have to live like a hobo. I like the finer things in life and if playing music can help me get them, then great. I’m not gonna live my life like by some unofficial set of rules that says I have to live like I’m homeless. Fuck that.”

“I play psytrance because I like it, not because I want to stop washing and live on a commune,” he continued. “These dreadlocks aren’t even real, they clip on and off, there’s no way I’d get real ones, they fucking stink, I only wear these because my booking have gone up by 50% since I got them.”

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Psytrance DJ Considered Sellout After Getting First Paid Gig

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