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Touring DJ Admits Local Crowd Aren’t Actually Best Crowd In World

Touring DJ Admits Local Crowd Aren’t Actually Best Crowd In World

A touring DJ has upset a large portion of his fans after admitting that a local crowd aren’t actually the best crowd in the world.

Isak Karllson, made the admission after he was confronted by a fan who had seen him play in two different towns, both times claiming the local crowd were “the best in the world”.

American fan Alice Wyse explained how she caught the DJ out earlier, “I got suspicious when he said the fans in my home town in Nebraska were the best in the world,” she told us. “I’m from the tiny little place called Gretna, we’ve only got about 5,000 people and if I’m being honest, it’s a total dump, there’s no way we’re the best fans in the world, we’re probably not even the best fans in Sarpy County.”

“So I decided to follow him to Lincoln and catch one of his shows there and, guess what, he told the crowd there that they were the best crowd in the world too, the lying sack of shit,” she said angrily. “So, I went straight home and unfollowed him on Facebook and Insta, then I cut up all of the posters I have of him, deleted all of his music and burned all the fanart I’ve made. I just can’t believe he’d lie to me like that.”

Karllson, who changed his name from Ian Higgins in 2014 to sound more Swedish, admitted using the line in every town he visits. 

“Are you crazy, the only good thing about that town was the road out of the place, what a fucking shit hole,” he jokingly told Wunderground. “I say that same bullshit line everywhere I go, nobody actually believes it, it’s just something you shout into the mic to try and distract the crowd from a dodgy mix.”

“Honestly, if I wasn’t getting paid to go to some of these kips, I wouldn’t be going anywhere near them,” he continued. “I’m surprised some of these places have even heard of music, let alone have nightclubs, but once they’re willing to pay, I’m willing to play.”

Reports suggest that shorty after destroying all her branded merchandise, Ms Wyse found it in her heart to forgive the DJ and carved his name into her arm to show her support.

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