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Netflix Set To Release Series Of Solomun After Party Videos

Netflix Set To Release Series Of Solomun After Party Videos

Netflix subscribers will now be able to enjoy a series of exclusive videos of Solomun performing at after parties.

The three thousand part series is due for release this weekend and will be available, in its entirety, for Netflix subscribers in all regions.

According to Andy Walker, who holds Solomun up during extended after party sets, the DJ has been working tirelessly to record all three thousand episodes in the last four months.

“It’s been crazy getting this project wrapped up but thankfully we’re just about there,” Andy explained during a recent chat with Wunderground. “The whole four months have seemed like one big after party, only instead of being fun and relaxing, it’s been a real pain in the bollox and stressful as fuck.”

“People see a video of Solomun playing at an afterparty and they think it’s just a case of him showing up, spinning a few tunes and waving his hands around like one of your uncles at a wedding,” continued Andy. “But they don’t see the logistics behind each performance, the months of planning, the two hundred strong team that accompany him to each party or the thousands of sprained wrists and dislocated hands that he has to endure along the way.”

“I’m one of thirty holders, so if he needs thirty different people to help keep him standing I’m sure you can probably get an idea of just how hard he works to keep these afterparty videos rolling in. There were days when he was playing at forty, or even fifty after parties, and, believe me, after four months, that gets really tiring.”

“Thankfully, the bulk of the work is done now and all we have to do is have an official launch followed by an after party, which will feature a one-off six day set from Solomun, then we’ll have a couple of weeks off before we start filming season 2.”

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