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New ‘Mandy From Essex’ Doll Says ‘I’m On The Guestlist’ When You Pull Her String

New ‘Mandy From Essex’ Doll Says ‘I’m On The Guestlist’ When You Pull Her String

Mandy From Essex, a brand new talking doll, is set to take the world by storm this Christmas.

Toy experts are predicting the doll will be “like gold dust” this year with demand expected to be more than four times greater than the supply.

Toy expert Lee Gow spoke to Wunderground earlier today, “It’s clear that the manufacturers of Mandy From Essex are trying to cash in on the gormless TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex), Made In Chelsea, Geordie Shore reality TV bubble that we’re currently living through.”

“The dolls back story is that ‘she’s a sassy influencer, with a passion for clubbing’ and she comes complete with two different sayings,” Gow continued. “The first is ‘I’m on the guestlist’ and the other is ‘shut up’, which, apparently, are the two most said phrases with females between the ages of eighteen and forty eight in Essex.”

“Each doll will also come with her very own Instagram account giving the young doll owners the perfect experience they need to grow up to be influencers themselves,” our toy expert explained. “Which, in this day and age, is probably the most relevant education you can give any young person.”

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Sammy Davison, an actual influencer from Essex, said “shut up” when Wunderground told her about the doll before asking if we could sort her guestlist for the dolls official launch later this year.

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