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Promoter Claims Tiny Shithole Is Intimate And Bespoke

Promoter Claims Tiny Shithole Is Intimate And Bespoke

A local promoter has hit back at critics by claiming that a club which has been labelled as a “tiny shithole” is actually an intimate and bespoke venue.

Warren Davis, who runs nights in The Rabbit’s Hole, a little known club in the west of Ireland, defended the venue after one of his clubnights came in for some harsh online criticism.

“Good to see the keyboard warriors are still out in force anyway,” Warren said sarcastically. “Do they not realise the damage their words can do to the reputation of a promoter or a venue? If they did, maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to make their vile comments on social media.”

“Everyone’s been saying the same thing, ‘The Rabbit’s Hole is a tiny shithole’, they’re even comparing it to an actual rabbit’s arse, which actually is a tiny shithole, but that’s not the hole it’s supposed to reference,” Warren continued defensively. “It’s supposed to be about a rabbit’s house, not it’s arse, so underground and dark, not tiny and shitty.”

“I much prefer to think of the venue as intimate and bespoke,” the promoter continued. “Sure, it might only comfortably hold about forty people but I’m willing to take the risk and pack at least one hundred and twenty people into it which, believe me, gets very fucking intimate and so what if it stinks of shite, some people like that and you can’t get any more bespoke than that.”

According to one TripAdvisor review, The Rabbit Hole is the clubbing equivalent of “catching your dick in your fly” with the user claiming it was “extremely uncomfortable” and “definitely not something you’d like to do again”.

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