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R Kelly & 5G Are Forming An Evil Supergroup

R Kelly & 5G Are Forming An Evil Supergroup

R&B crooner and kidnap enthusiast, R Kelly, has announced that has recorded his 18th studio album, entitled ‘Lets Get Evil.’ 

The album is a 14-track collaboration with a 5G tower named Eddy that he “met on the roof of a New World Order meeting” in Brooklyn back in December. 

“I fuck with 5G” Kelly told Rolling Stone. “Especially Eddy.”

“We’re very similar in ways. He’s big, he’s bad, he’s a bit of a hated figure. But actually, we both offer society as a whole nothing but un-rivalled positives.”

“Eddy offers the ability for the best surgeons in the world to remotely carry out life-saving operations. I sang ‘I believe I can fly.” 

“He make driverless cars a possibility, cutting road fatalities around the globe forever while at the same time ending the need for women drivers, and I punched a midget on YouTube.”

“Eddy infected millions of people around the globe with a life-threatening illness – I’ve been trying that shit for years.”

Eddy was unavailable for interview, but is believed to be happy with the album overall, despite the fact the world will end before release date. 

‘Let’s Get Evil’ Drops May 5th. You’ll be dead by then, so pre-order is advised. 

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