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Ten Walls Places Curse On Barca For Stealing Comeback Thunder

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Marijus Adomaitis, Aka Ten Walls, has from the comfort of his own home just placed a witches curse on the Barcelona football team, as he believes their shocking Champions League comeback this evening has “completely stolen” his “comeback thunder”.

The Lithuanian producer, who this week released his comeback album entitled ‘Queen’, was quick to pull out his HP Gay-print 3720 inkjet printer once the final result of the match was confirmed.

It wasn’t long before he had printed and cut out 54 miniature faces of each of the players, the manager, the wives, the children and some random dude called Tom, who according to Marijus “looks like the sort of person who would support Barca.”

According to Marijus “I intended to glue each face to a teddybear and then proceed with the hex the way any rational thinking person would, by sticking hundreds of tiny pins into the bear over several days while chanting to the gods about how homophobic I’m not.”

“But due to the large volume of bastards / comeback-stealing-turds involved in the Barca team, I quickly ran out of teddybears and so I started using little YMCA themed Lego men I had casually lying around the house.”

“But I’m finding it hard to stick the fucking pins into them.”

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