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The Word of God – Who Is Sexiest?

The Word of God – Who Is Sexiest?

Humanity’s favourite disembodied cosmic deity answers some of the world’s most profound and enduring questions. He may be fictitious but he’s addressing very real concerns….

Which member of the RTE Sport panel is the sexiest and why?? B. O’ Herlihy – Dublin

This is a tough one and it’s hard to choose between them because I find their poorly hidden weary disdain for modern football extremely sexy.

But to be happy in your choice I think you’ve got to break it down by who’ll give you the most attention in the bedroom and that’d have to be player-manager Johnny Giles. He knows how to take and give orders with a steady hand and combative attitude.

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Eamonn Dunphy is too mouthy and flash without the substance. He’ll only crush your heart when he rolls away from you muttering, ‘Roy used to do it like this’ and ‘he only broke Haaland’s leg because he got jealous when he found texts from him on my phone’.

You can’t expect anything more from Liam Brady after the Italian passion that he’s been having with Trappatoni. Plus I don’t think you have the knees or athleticism for Liam because I’ve seen some of the man-marking, sex-swing, depravity that him and Gio like. I won’t go into details but let’s just say Tardelli’s mouth isn’t only used for translating…

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