“Twitter Meltdowns Are More Important Than Promo Mixes” Admits EDM Label Head

A prominent EDM label head has made the shocking admission that “having a well publicised meltdown on Twitter or Facebook” is actually more beneficial to a DJ/producer’s career than a well made, impressive promo mix.

The unnamed industry insider, who has worked as a ghost writer for some of EDM’s biggest stars including Hardwell & Afrojack before launching his own label, says that “as more DJs are booked on the strength of their social media reach and online drama they generate” the focus is being shifted from putting out “good mixes” to “treating your Twitter feed like a platform for you to constantly complain and start controversy.”

The hope, according to the producer, is that your rant or meltdown then gets picked up and shared by bloggers and magazines like DJ Mag or Mixmag, who he claims now “mostly share carefully neutral fluff pieces about Paris Hilton”, which will then raise a DJ’s profile and lead to bookings.

“They’ll see that you can generate a bit of buzz and publicity through your social media and ultimately that’s what booking agents want,” he continued. “It doesn’t matter if some prestigious blog like RA runs your mix prominently or you’ve got a big track out, they’d much rather spoonfeed people the soap opera of your life through Twitter than listen to your music.”

Figures revealed by the source indicate that DJs who have had at least one Twitter meltdown are more likely to be booked for gigs “than DJs who behave like adults”.

“This approach is only best utilised by particular DJs,” he explained, “most top tier DJs like Ricardo Villalobos or Sven Vath don’t need a Twitter to get gigs, whereas some who are less confident about their standing or famed for being outspoken have to contrive some controversy in order to appear relevant and thus get bookings.”

“I know a famous DJ who instead of making a mix just made a recording of himself reading out a variety of Twitter rants,” he continued. “It was the best received thing he’s ever done and was one of the top rated DJ Charts on Beatport.”

“You can have a meltdown about anything, your flight, the hotel, other artists and DJs or even if some website makes a satirical joke about you that you don’t understand right away, you could have a rant about that,” he added. “If you’re a DJ starting out I would go as far as to say don’t even bother learning how to DJ, just establish an online presence so you can live your life like an open wound where you spout whatever ill-thought out, entitled bullshit you can until someone notices and then pays you to DJ.”

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“Twitter Meltdowns Are More Important Than Promo Mixes” Admits EDM Label Head

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