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DJ EZ To Listen To Tiesto For 24 Hours For Charity

DJ EZ To Listen To Tiesto For 24 Hours For Charity

DJ EZ has this morning announced his biggest undertaking yet and is set to listen to Tiesto for 24 hours non-stop in aid of Cancer Research next month. 

“As everybody knows, I love a challenge” said EZ. 

“I was recently invited to a Christmas party for the local special needs school and the DJ was banging out that new Tiesto track ‘The Business’ over and over again – the kids just loved it. They were screaming for more. ‘Tiesto! Tiesto! Tiesto!’ That’s all I heard all night long.”

“There were posters of him up everywhere! One arty kid had even made a statue of him made out of play-dough and it was pretty good actually, I even introduced myself at first.”

“Obviously, it’s awful music. Tiesto would tell you that himself if he ever heard it.”

“He needs to tell his manager, to tell his label, to tell his ghostwriter to stop using Fiverr to buy his tracks.”

“On the way home, I just knew. I had to do something to honour those kids. A challenge like no other, and all for a good cause.”

“And so on March 16th at 6 pm I’ll begin listening to Tiesto’s new stuff, either for 24 hours or until I collapse and my ears bleed out, whichever comes first.”

“Not actual Tiesto though, nothing pre-2010. No Gouryella, no System F, nothing that’s actually good or that he might have made himself. Just the tough stuff!”

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