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“Maybe I’ll Do A Disco Edit?” Producer Hit By Moment Of Pure Inspiration

“Maybe I’ll Do A Disco Edit?” Producer Hit By Moment Of Pure Inspiration

A bedroom producer has this morning blown the studio windows right out of their frames with a scene-changing burst of inspiration, one that is set to change the course of Electronic Music forever.

“It happened over here” says James Cleverly, pointing to an old MacBook rotting on a tea-stained IKEA desk at the end of his unmade bed.

“I was sitting over there… in my recording studio, and I was thinking, what tricks have I got hidden up my sleeve today?”

“And then it hit me. It was like lightning running down my back! The biggest, bone-crushing, life-altering, scene-changing moment of inspiration I’ve had this week.”

“I’ll do a bloody disco edit!”

“Doesn’t matter what track. Actually, in another stroke of genius, I plan to search for disco edits on Beatport, and whichever one has done the best, I’m gonna do an edit of that edit… but I’m gonna do it a little bit better.”

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“Larry Levan can eat my arse. The Belleville Three can suck my swiss. Kraftwerk can do one as well.”

“Today will be remembered as the day James Cleverly did a disco edit, had some cornflakes, and fucked off to the pub before lunch.”

“Strap in folks. One large slice of Music history coming right up.”

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