New Pioneer Mixer Projects Logo Onto DJs Forehead 

The new Pioneer XDJ-2023 has been unveiled, and DJs all over Clubland have been frothing at the gash just to get their hands on it.

Possibly the most exciting, cutting-edge feature of this new device is its new ‘projection branding’ capabilities, set to revolutionize branding opportunities within the booth.

“Yeah… we’re pretty excited,” said Chris Fadar, Head of Sentences About Excitement at Pioneer. 

“It started with a very simple premise.”

“Where else can we stick our logo?”

“We stuck it on the back of each deck. We stuck it on the back of the mixer. We stuck it on the side of the decks. It’s on the front. It’s on the main panel. We even threw in some extra peel-off stickers so up-and-coming DJs could put them on their bunk beds or pencil cases, or hand them out at school.”

“We even give them t-shirts, caps, and hoodies with the logo on.”

“The solution to our problem was staring us right in the face.”


“I was standing at home, when my TV projector accidentally shone in my face, and I thought …“we can inflict this on DJs”

“And the forehead projector was born. It makes the mixer about 3 times heavier, and it heats up like a bitch… bit of a fire hazard actually, but it opens DJs’ foreheads up to a world of possibilities and corporate opportunity”

“Now DJs can not only project the Pioneer logo on their faces, but they can rotate advertisements on their forehead throughout their set”

“Given that most people stare at the DJ for the entirety of the set, take photos, videos, live stream them and share them on social… the potential reach of these forehead branding campaigns is phenomenal’

“We’ll also be sharing the revenue from these ads with the DJs, using the Spotify model. Every 1 million ads we run on your forehead, we pay you $2.”

“This gives DJs a chance to turn their unused foreheads into another extremely disappointing revenue stream, which is the backbone of this industry and something we’re keen to support”

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