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DJ Is An Expert At Syncing Tracks To The Firework Display, Somehow

DJ Is An Expert At Syncing Tracks To The Firework Display, Somehow

DJs have evolved the ability to see into the future. 

Either that, or they’ve developed the ability to mindread stage production staff and know their every move before they make it, scientists have concluded. 

These superhuman abilities allow DJs to carry out impressive feats that other mere mortals could only dream of. 

Perfectly mixing forty-five minutes of non-stop music to a continuous fireworks display, is one particularly impressive act of musical clairvoyance that has impressed many in the music industry, with some left scratching their heads how it could be possible. 

Doing the exact same forty-five minute set matched out beat-for-beat to a slickly-produced set of visuals, created weeks earlier, and mapped across 65 giant LED screens, is just as impressive, and borderline ‘messiah-like’ claimed one baffled fan found crying in the car park. 

Throw in the fact they do this synced second-for-second to the flame and Co2 cannons, and it’s clear to see that DJs are evolving alien-like skills that most humans are not. 

Keeping a straight face when asking for fifty thousand for a forty-five-minute set, is another skill most humans on the planet don’t possess.

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Being able to look your peers in the eye as you wrap up your “musical journey” forty-five mins after arriving into the booth, is another skill baffling scientists around the globe. 

In an attempt to study some of these abnormalities, Scientists have been taking DNA swaps from members of the DJ Mag Top 100, to look for DNA patterns or deviations from the norm.

So far, they have been unable to find any signs of life.

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