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Girl’s Coachella Footage Wins Top Prize At Sundance Film Festival

Girl’s Coachella Footage Wins Top Prize At Sundance Film Festival

This girls shaky camera footage shot from the crowd at Coachella has just swept the board the Sundance Film Festival, taking home ‘Best Film’, ‘Best Short Film’ and ‘Best Thing Shot During A K-Hole’.

“I always knew I had a talent for this” said Kety James, a 19-year-old OnlyFans trainee from Miami.

“Anytime the music takes me, I just have this deep inbuilt desire to completely stop dancing and rummage around my handbag for my phone, so I can stand there lifelessly filming the top-right-hand corner of the stage, a bit of the guy-in-front’s head, and some of the sky.”

“These special moments need to be documented”

“I mean, sure, there is the on-site camera crew. And the artist’s videographer. And the big online platform streaming it with multiple camera angles and drones and then editing it perfectly with crystal-clear sound. And ten thousand people around me all filming it on their phones before posting online…”

“But I have a vision for how it should look. Actually, I have two visions. Double vision.”

“We’re absolutely delighted for her” said Kety’s mum.

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“She is always filming those videos in the clubs and at the raves. They’re always brilliant, to be honest. As a family, we always look forward to Kety dragging herself in the front door on her hands and knees around 3pm on Sunday, eyes hanging out of her head from all that concentrating on camera angles and artistic direction, so we can stick her footage from the night before on the telly.”

“We make some popcorn, pour some fizzy pop, and we all climb under the blanket on the sofa together, as a family, and watch hours and hours and hours of Kety’s video masterpieces from the night before.”

“Honestly, they’re better than Netflix”

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